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8 new classes released every Sunday


8 new classes are released every Sunday at 10pm AEST, you have one week to do them before they expire and are replaced with new classes.

Progress comes from commitment. This is your new routine, for a new you. The videos don't last forever, this is your incentive to get it done. If you really like a class, leave a comment on the video and it might be put in our family favourites library for you to do again!


8 new classes curated for the week:

Monday                vinyasa   
Tuesday               intenso 
Wednesday        vinyasa 
Thursday             intenso 
Friday                   vinyasa


additional content

  • pranamed
  • stretch
  • dharma talk


a strong alignment based yoga practice with flowing sequences balanced by longer holds to build eccentric strength. A mindful pace to allow for concentration and connection to breath.

get ready to die (in a good way). a true sweatfest. a class combining interval training, pilates and functional conditioning - all designed to make your practice stronger. burn baby burn. to a curated playlist.

the breath and energetics of yoga. traditional yoga breathing practices (pranayama) to regulate your life force energy (and nervous system) followed by meditation to harness the power of the mind.

the calm after the storm. time to release, move inwards, nourish, nurture, slow  down and take care. a class focused on getting that good stretch and a gentle release. a space to soften and let go.


philosophy chats for the heart and mind. discussing concepts to help us on our spiritual path. using stories and philosophy to shift our perspective.

try a vinyasa class (60 mins)


try an intenso class (38 mins)